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Neolithic winner
RIONED Innovation Award 

3D-printed sewer manholes by Neolithic win innovation award!

Neolithic proudly received the RIONED Innovation Award 2024. This award is granted to the most innovative contributions in the field of urban water management. Neolithic, together with Dura Vermeer, earned the distinction for their groundbreaking 3D-printed concrete sewer manholes. The joint project for the 3D-printed sewer manholes on Jacob Catskade in Amsterdam emerged as the winner with nearly sixty percent of the votes.

Photo’s: © Michelle Muus

Neolithic delivers high quality building and civil components with the help of our robotic production facilities and optimised digital workflows. 

Quick and on-demand production optimised for your needs!


We are Neolithic - 
Industrial 3D Printing 
Hub for Concrete, Stone & Clay

What’s in the name?

Neolithic is a sustainable stone 3D printing hub, focusing on industrial 3D printing with mortar, stone powders and clay. 

The term Neolithic is based on Greek νέος néos ‘new’ and λίθος líthos ‘stone’, literally ‘New Stone Age’.


Together with you we empower a systemic shift towards more efficient, durable and sustainable construction solutions.

Are you ready to join our journey and challenge the current status quo?


Current construction processes are very labour intensive, unsustainable and lack the efficiency other industries nowadays have by robotisation and digitisation.

With our experienced team we believe we can make a positive change and help you realise the most value in design, production operation and products.

Neolithic Advantages

Neolithic provides a holistic approach towards design, production and usage.

The right material for your needs

We offer a broad variety of materials ready to be printed. This ranges from ultra quick curing concrete in a broad variety of colours and strengths to quarry residual materials and even clay. 


Besides huge improvements in efficiency along with a serious promise of reduction of waste and emissions, we work with water saving 3D printing mortar that saves up to hundreds of liters of water per print compared to other players in the market. Besides that we work with partners to further reduce the CO2 footprint for our concrete prints. Our high detailed stone-printed objects are printed stone powders made from waste from marble quarries in Italy. 

Scalable in every direction

With the help of our digital eco system and robotic manufacturing facilities we are very scalable in design and production. So if you are interested in 1 or 1000 prints – count us in!


Freedom of design with little or no added costs compared to conventional designed alternatives. All our printable components are engineered to offer custom solutions for your needs. 

Integrated and connected

Did you know we also integrate sensors and other internet-of-things elements in our prints to make sure your printed elements perform to its fullest specifications?

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