Our Team

Neolithic specializes in the production of industrial and creative objects utilizing 3d printing in concrete, stone and clay. The multidisciplinary team consists of industrial 3D print specialists, architects, material specialists, creative designers & engineers. Neolithic is connected to two Smart Industry Fieldlabs around industrial 3D printing & Construction. Combined with the years of experience in 3DCP, infrastructure, mortar and industrial 3D printing from our founders & specialists, Neolithic has a great team applying 3DCP and stone printing for our partners and customers. 

Chris Aerts
Founder | Hardware & Software Development

Founder of Neolithic. Years of international experience in 3DCP. Specializes in industrialization with mass customization, architecture, robotics and digitization. Keen eye for optimization in the construction industry

Herman van Bolhuis
Co-founder | Partnerships 
& Sales

Co-founder of Neolithic. Founder 3D Makers Zone and BouwLab (Construction Lab). National board member of the FME (business association for the Dutch technology industry) and a member of the national Smart Industry steering group.

Jeroen Veger
Co-founder | Branding 
& Sales

Co-founder of Neolithic. Co-founder of 3D Makers Zone and BouwLab (Construction Lab). 3D-printing specialist for over 11 years. Creative designer with a strong background in strategies, branding & design for companies. 

Levi Kieft
Levi Kieft
Robotics Specialist

Years of international experience in 3DCP. Specialized in mortar materials for 3DCP in combination with pumping and mixing systems. 

Yari Schoorl
Yari Schoorl
Mechatronics & Operating

Yari has a background in electronics and mechatronics en is a experienced operator. Together with the team he makes sure that every design is printed successfuly

Jasper Dol
Engineering, Operating & Computational Design

Allround Industrial 3D Printing specialist. Experienced operator with robotic factory arms. 3D designer, robot operator.

Merel van Loon
Computational Design Specialist

Experienced designer in computational design for digitally manufactured objects & products. Years of all-round experience in Industrial 3D Printing.  

Giacomo Landino
Sales Representative & Materials

Sales representative Neolithic. Entrepreneur in the infrastructure sector. Sustainable materials provider and specialist.

Tico Beekman
Engineering, Operating & Computational Design

Great parametric design skills. Specialist in in using advanced software for enhancing designs of objects for industrial 3D Printing.

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