How Neolithic is unleashing concrete & stone objects into the 21th century

Here is what Neolithic is offering to customers & clients through quick and on-demand production optimised for their needs. Any questions regarding our services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

3D Printing in Concrete

Neolithic is an expert in the field of 3D Printing in concrete. The people behind Neolithic have many years of international experience in the field of the 3DCP technology, material and areas of application. We have our own concrete 3D print lab with industrial robotic arms and uniquely developed mortar for concrete printing in various colors and mixtures. Neolithic makes concrete printing more sustainable. Compared to other players in the market, we use less water for cooling and are working towards CO2 storage in the printed products themselves, lowering the carbon footprint drastically. 

3D Printing with Stone Powders

With a 3D printing technology called binder jetting, we can print detailed objects in real stone with various stone powders. With sustainable materials from residual flows from marble and limestone quarries in Italy, we print objects that are just as hard as concrete after a curing period of several weeks.

Due to the enormous freedom of design that this technology enables, a world with unprecedented possibilities in stone is opening up.

3D Printing with Clay

With our clay printer we are unleashing the architectural potential of ceramics and stone ornaments for the 21st century. We can digitally create amazing designed objects in porcelain, pottery materials and many others.

A world of artistic post-processing possibilities such as glazing and other processes is available as well.

Computational Design for Digitally Manufactured Stone Objects

Through computational design methodologies and various state of the art software our designers develop a wide scope of bespoke elements and products with industrial 3D printing in concrete, stone & clay. We make practical building and civil components, architectural highlights, great design products for infrastructure and much more.

We work with architects and designers, with cities and municipalities, with construction companies and other parties to empower a systemic shift towards more efficient, durable and sustainable construction solutions.

The Neolithic Method

We have developed a specific method to unleash the 21th century on concrete and stone objects.

Product Development

With our specialised designers we develop products for our clients, customers and partners. Developed for specific industries, structures, materials and needs. 

Digital Warehouse

Our growing online Digital Warehouse contains parametric designed objects for construction, infrastructure and other industries that you can order right away. The products are customizable and configurable to meet your specific demands. 

Configure-to-order flow for our customers

Our Configure-to-order flow makes it really easy to order a customized product. Including an automatic price calculator and cloud based 3D Printing slicer for guaranteed printability. 

Off-site 3D Concrete Printing Hub

We 3D Print the structures at our own printing hub. In the near future we will connect several of these hubs, sending our guaranteed printable files securely to our network of connected hubs.  

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